The company “Agrolitimpex” Ltd. Was established in 2011. From the very beginning the company started its activities in the European market of spices, bakery seeds, bird seeds, pulses and oil seeds. We use to source most part of the commodities from the East European countries like Russia and Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belorussia, with the most of care and selectively, knowing all risks/advantages of each item we trade. Our company is proven to be a smart, honest and reliable in all mentioned areas of business. We invite all potential customers who want to source something from East European markets contact us for specific issues in order to enable us to make you a competitive offer.

Through the years we expanded our activities and now we are also very much focused on wide range of seeding material starting from grass seeds mixtures for the cattle/milk farms, vegetable seeds for the professional market, catch crops, etc. to the new projects of production in Lithuania like lentils, beans, brown mustard seeds, etc.

Let us be your partner and magic in sourcing!!!