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The company  was established in 2011 after the group of experienced, young, enthusiastic, honest and hardworking people came together. Already in the first year of existence the company proved to be vital, flexible, irreplaceability and trust ability.

From the Lithuanian farmers and agriculture practicing companies we purchase caraway seeds, buckwheat, yellow and brown mustard seeds, horse beans, peas, on the International markets we trade wholesale in coriander seeds, linseeds, vetches, chickpeas, hulled millet seeds, safflower seeds, millet seeds and other items for the spice, bakery and animal feeding Industries.

The new issue that came up since 2012 as just and idea and afterwards developed to the big project was trade of seeds in the market of Lithuania and in the International markets. The fact is that we have had quite some experience in this area and we feel ourselves ready for the new challenges. And especially because we are supported here on this idea by our foreign partners and therefore we can state that we pretend to have proper place among the other Lithuanian traders in seeds. The main seeds we are offering to our buyers are corn hybrids from German breeding and seed production companies and grass seed mixtures from Dutch and Polish companies and also grass seed mixture for other applications.

At our company we have enough qualified professionals that are needed for the specific activity we do. In our plans we have ideas, basis of which is pre-contracting of the agriculture production with the Lithuanian farmers and agriculture production units. These plans are concerned niche products like grass seed and catch crop seeds production, also seeds for different Industrial applications (mustard seeds, caraway seeds, coriander seeds, hemp seeds, buckwheat, lentils, horse beans, linseeds etc.).